I have always secretly wanted to write a book. But then I look over at my bookcase and wonder how on earth someone could write hundreds of pages of consistant and well thought out literature - do they have a set plan, do they know the ending already, how much time do they have to commit?? It isnt a lack of ideas that I struggle with - I have lists upon lists of slightly incoherent dreams and the skeletons of half decent plots documented in the To Do section of my phone. I just cant seem to make that step into turning it into a fully fleshed out novel.

Luckily I stumbled across this section of the Guardian website which mapped out how to write a book in 30 days. Starting today I’m going to brainstorm my ideas and use their tips to create more realistic characters. Already I have picked up some good tips for really understanding who my characters are….

- write a pretend interview

- think about what it would be like to meet up with them for the first time

- consider what they look like in detail by picking out pictures from a magazine

- consider what their voice sounds like and what mannerisms they may have based on actors from shows you watch

- browse online to help you imagine the clothes they would wear

These are all excellent tools to aid your imagination and provide not only a consistent projection of your character, but also means that you will understand them in great depth and intensity.

I’m going to make baking my newest hobby :) might have been inspired by great British bake off! My Oreo and peanut butter blondies went well yay!

New Years resolution to take more photos is going well!

Trip to Amsterdam = Sorted :D

It would seem that 2014 has gotten off to a tremendous start! I had two interviews this week, both of which I discovered through a government graduate scheme and are within the digital marketing industry. 

The placement that I really really wanted to get - a years internship with the intention of progressing on to a job - is now mine! I feels like I’ve been waiting an eternity for this moment. The whole reason I went to a grammar school was to ensure I had the best shot at attending a respected Russell Group university, I went to a Russell Group university so that it would look good on my CV and would provide me with skills for the work place, and this would all lead to me seamlessly progressing into a well paid job in the city. Well I know now that it was very naive to think that it would be so easy - and my parents were very misinformed. 

I can only think that this was the way it was all meant to happen. The past year I have spent overcoming anxiety, completing my dissertation, and working in a very pressured and harsh customer facing environment and contributed to the person I am now. I can’t say for sure that I would have been offered this placement had I not overcome pretty big obstacles, and toughened up as a result of them. 

The notion that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger definitely rings true - even if it breaks you at times and you’ve never felt so weak…try to remember that every experience effects the person you’re going to be tomorrow. So make sure its for the good!

Well… it’s a couple of days until the new year begins, and things aren’t exactly how I imagined they would be.

I work as a shoe-slave in a very budget focused/people less focused business…over worked and under paid. Initially I saw it as an insightful experience - I get to be exposed to thousands of people, building my confidence, earning money, having somewhere to be for most of the week. But now I’ve realised that its become a source of anxiety and exhaustion…dealing with very unpleasant people, having my hard earned commission taken away, coming home from work mentally and physically tired which makes enjoying my free time harder. It’s just not worth it anymore.

I am working for free within digital marketing, which could be the beginning of something very promising…but could also be a dead-end. 

I just want to be moving in a positive direction, getting closer to having a job that actually means something.

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